Romertopf 117: Up to 17 1/2 lbs – $59.99

Romertopf 117: Up to 17 1/2 lbs
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The Romertopf 117 is the largest clay baker we make. It is 6-1/2 qts. and holds up to 17-1/2 lbs. Perfect for that Thanksgiving Turkey, a holiday meal or for that special occasion.  The Romertopf 117 will cook the most tender chicken, meat, and fish, not to mention great soups and desserts.

To cook, simply soak the 117 for 10 minutes in water, add the ingredients and put into a cold oven. Soaking the clay baker will allow a release of perfect moisture from the clay allowing perfect flavor and nutrient retention from your ingredients.  Adding to a cold oven will allow the baker and ingredients to warm gradually adding to create the perfect meal.

If you enjoy the fun of a large clay baked meal, the Romertopf 117 is perfect for you!

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