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Romertopf has been a household name for over 40 years.  Families across the globe have acclaimed Romertopf clay bakers as the preferred way to cook.  Recipes have been gathered from around the world showing that all cultures use a clay baker daily, creating the most flavorful and nutritious meals which are also low in fat. The Romertopf  secret to the flavor and nutrition retention lies in the clay itself.

Before cooking in a clay baker, it’s recommended to let both the top and bottom pieces soak in water for 5-10 minutes.  This allows moisture to ingrain within the clay and later be released during cooking.  The moisture is what maintains core nutrients and flavor for any meal. There are many different sizes and accessories available to match your family needs.  The smallest clay baker is the Romertopf 109 which serves 2-4 people.  The largest is the Romertopf 117 which is big enough to serve a large turkey dinner.  In between are many different sizes, including the most popular Romertopf 111.  This is our best seller and a great fit for a meal serving 3-5 people.

In addition to the core baker line up, there are plenty of companion pieces that are favorites for everyone.  They include specialized designs for fish, garlic, apples, corn, bananas, bread, utensil holders and more.  Don’t forget about the cookbooks either.  In there you’ll find some of the most treasured recipes for your family to enjoy. We at romertopfclaybakers.com invite you to begin making happy memories by serving some of best tasting dinners using a Romertopf Clay Baker!  As the direct source, we offer the lowest prices online.